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I try to keep costs as low as humanly possible but I still pay out-of-pocket. All of it goes towards hosting costs and coffee.

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Thanks for using Keep Track of My Games!

This a single-handed project I've maintained and run in my spare time since 2011 because I'm passionate about gaming. Since I leverage GiantBomb for all my game data I cannot sell services or charge for the site.

If you're signed in and you donate, you will get this cool looking flaire next to your username (I drink a lot of coffee). It's just for looks but you can show off your support!

How much does it cost?

Hosting (~$56)

It costs about $56/month to run KTOMG.

How do I keep costs so low?

By using an awesome hosting provider. Vultr provides super high quality, affordable servers. If you sign up through my affiliate link, you'll be supporting the hosting of KTOMG as I'll get hosting credit for any sign ups.